Where All
Voices Matter

About Us

We exist to provide a platform:

  • Where ideas are explored and approaches to challenges facing our nation are discussed
  • Where all voices are heard, and where people can respectfully engage to resolve issues and create a more civil society
  • With a commitment to encouraging a national platform, with freedom of conscience and expression for all

The News Forum values the inclusion of multiple voices and viewpoints. We believe that information must be presented with integrity, and in a manner which is helpful to Canadians when forming their own opinions.


The News Forum is a Canadian broadcast station with a mandate to provide viewers with politically balanced domestic and international perspectives, intended to be a counterbalance to the prevailing media landscape.

The News Forum is a for-profit company owned by a group of  Canadian shareholders who hold 100% of the equity and voting interests and who champion the growth of a robust Canadian democracy.

Our Commitment To You


Modelling Civility

We desire to see a healthy society where we respect each other and care for ideas without cutting down opposing ones. To do this, we know we have to set the tone ourselves, being an example of respect and vulnerability.

Ensuring that All Voices Matter

By creating a counterbalance to the current tone of the media landscape, we create an even playing field for all. This is never for the sake of representing one point of view, rather, to present the complexity and entirety of an idea to our society for their consideration.

Moving the Conversation Forward

Our platform is meant to inform the discussion. We want to be an eff ective voice – not just the loudest. We prioritize reason so people can understand ideas and engage with others, especially when they don’t agree.

Holding the Tension

We believe in engaging the complexity of an idea, holding different points of view side by side with respect and compassion for both. We will approach ideas that society currently shies away from.

Challenging People to Look Outside Their Box

To engage means you have to be open to ideas beyond your own belief, even those you disagree with. Everything we do strives to encourage people to move outside of their preconceptions for the sake of fully understanding the complexities of an idea.The more we understand the big picture, the more people are able to discern and make more informed choices.

Provide Quality Counterbalance Programming

People whose world-views are progressive, conservative or anything in between should feel welcome to present, to challenge and to be challenged in a manner consistent with respect for the human right of free expression. Our program mix is driven by high quality domestic and international news aired several times per day. The 24 hour programming mix features unique Canadian content, with ‘Commentary’ programs driven by the strength of their hosts and anchors.

Letter from our founder

Welcome to The News Forum.

We are a media platform where fresh ideas are explored and innovative solutions are sought out in regard to challenges facing our nation today. We believe that information must be presented with integrity, and in a manner which is helpful to Canadians when forming their opinions. We want to balance all sides of an issue with the complexity that it deserves and encourage viewers to think for themselves while watching engaging programs (without political restriction), so that they can make informed decisions.

If our commonly understood democratic freedoms are to be protected, Canadians need a renewed commitment to celebrate true diversity and multiculturalism by how we move the conversation forward, and how we engage with each other to make Canada better for all and not just some. We would like to encourage Canadians to take the time to deliberate between different viewpoints and stances, with the hope that reason, healthy compromise, and progress will prevail.

We believe that The News Forum is the platform for such engagement.

We hope you will join us in spreading the word about this new Canadian network and participate with your ideas. We look forward to building a better future – together.