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Advertising in Canada

TV has the highest ROI of all media

TV reaches 94% of Canadian adults 18+ every week

65% are most likely to pay attention to advertising on tv

TV advertising spending is directly correlated with business growth and drives both short and long-term customer acquisitions

TV has a higher daily reach and delivers more time spent than any other medium for adults age 18+

54% find tv ads the most engaging

Who watches news in Canada?

55% of Canadians report following news daily

75% of Canadians have cable or satellite television service

60% of Canadians use online & mobile platforms as a source for their daily news

Advertising-friendly Program Environment

Original Programming:

Forum Daily – Daily national and international news

Our Nation Today – A deeper look at the issues facing Canadians today, with host K.R. Davidson and Nathaniel Dueck.

Canadian Justice – Canadian Justice with Christine VanGeyn explores and defends the constitutional freedoms of Canadians by highlighting key cases where individual liberties have been and are currently at risk.

Boom & Bust – Boom and Bust with Tony Clement takes a deeper look into economical and political issues at both domestic and international levels and examines the effect on everyday Canadians.

Counter Point – Commentary and opinion program with host Tanya Granic Allen, addressing hot topics in Canada today.

The Hill Update – The Hill Update brings with Dean Allison fresh interviews and policy updates to give viewers an insider’s look at the current process and progress of our government.

The Danielle Smith Report – with Danielle Smith.

What we offer

Broadcast advertising

  • Commercial spots
  • Show sponsorship
  • Live reads
  • Lower thirds

Digital advertising

  • Pre-roll
  • Banner ads
  • Interstitial/take-over


Broadcast Rates

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