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The Crypto realm is full of complicated mathematics that evolve at lightning speed. This is run by tech developers who have disrupted the global economy, while simultaneously confusing the entire population with a new language that very few understand.

Bobby explores the latest innovation and speaks with the dynamic personalities leading us into this new, untamed frontier. You’ll hear from the leading minds and cutting edge entrepreneurs who have block-chained their way to immense fortune in this new ‘Wild West’.

Rather than tell you what to do, The Daily Drop focuses on awareness. Few barriers exist in the Crypto world like they do in the minds of many who are lost in all of the jargon.

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Extensive and timely coverage of both national and international news, with a commitment to journalistic integrity, freedom of conscience and expression for all.

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Tune in to Forum Daily Week in Review for a recap of this week’s top stories throughout Canada and around the world.

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Each week, host Saijal Patel invites experts to discuss topical financial issues affecting the lives of individual Canadians. With a broad worldview, Saijal brings over 20 years of in-depth international financial experience and advocacy work, and is now on a mission to help hardworking Canadians build knowledge so they can confidently navigate the many financial decisions they face today, and be empowered to prepare for their futures.

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Former senior BNN Bloomberg Business anchor, and Wall Street Professional Catherine Murray takes an unbiased approach interviewing her guests on matters that affect  Canadian businesses, the markets and your money.

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Each week our host brings fresh interviews and policy updates to give viewers an insider’s look at the current process and progress of our government. The Hill Update helps viewers’ understanding of how things are done on ‘The Hill’ and the day to day struggles and intricacies of democracy at work.

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Commentary and Analysis

Host Christine Van Geyn, welcomes advocates and lawyers on both sides of some of the most polarizing constitutional freedom cases involving Canadians today.

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Host Tanya Granic Allen welcomes leaders from government and the private sector to the table for conversations on fundamental Canadian rights and freedoms – where all sides are presented, respected and discussed.

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As Canada continues to develop and grow, Canadian policies do much to steer the ship. Everyone seems to have an opinion on certain issues, but understanding the policies being put forth are not always clear to the public. What do these current and new policies actually mean for Canadians’ everyday lives? What are the legal implications? How will these policies translate into the experience of ordinary residents of Canada? Bringing clarity to the conversation comes an intellectual and sophisticated new series, Our Canada, Our Future. Host Aaron Wudrick is here to share his experienced insights into Canadian policies, legally dissecting them to help Canadians discover their implications and impact on their lives.

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Return to Reason shares a refreshing take on world events, culture, and issues of morality in a meaningful way. Although you may not agree with his opinion, you deserve to be fully informed, ready to handle every situation life throws at you. Anyone who has an appetite for the world to return to reason will enjoy this show.

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‘Tough Topics’ is an opinion news TV series featuring one-on-one interviews between host Vonny Sweetland and leaders in the community, business, and politics. Vonny is a journalist and activist who tackles complex topics in each episode. Although many of these conversations may be uncomfortable for many, common ground can be found through careful examination and open dialogue.

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