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As Canada continues to develop and grow, Canadian policies do much to steer the ship. Everyone seems to have an opinion on certain issues, but understanding the policies being put forth are not always clear to the public. What do these current and new policies actually mean for Canadians’ everyday lives? What are the legal implications? How will these policies translate into the experience of ordinary residents of Canada? Bringing clarity to the conversation comes an intellectual and sophisticated new series, Our Canada, Our Future. Host Aaron Wudrick is here to share his experienced insights into Canadian policies, legally dissecting them to help Canadians discover their implications and impact on their lives.

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Aaron Wudrick


Aaron Wudrick

Aaron Wudrick is a lawyer and the Director of MLI’s Domestic Policy Program. A graduate of the University of Waterloo (economics and political science) and the University of Western Ontario (law), he practiced litigation in his native Kitchener, Ontario, and then corporate law with a major international law firm in London, Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi, before returning to Canada to work as a political consultant and lobbyist. Prior to joining MLI, he spent six years as the national spokesperson for a prominent non-profit advocacy group. He lives in Ottawa.

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